Stanpumps design and manufacture a range of dry pumps which can add significant value-add in a variety of industrial applications. For example, our Automated Dry Vertical Vacuum (ADVV) Pump is an ideal solution for Solvent Vapour Recovery systems and has been successfully installed in hundreds of applications in the Pharmaceutical sector.

Our innovative ADVV technology employs a highly efficient vacuum dry lobe and claw pump to draw off all remaining solvent vapours found in process equipment after a specific operation. This ensures plant operators are not exposed to such harmful substances when opening the equipment. Such solvents vapours can then be processed in a solvent recovery system, which can also be supplied by Stanpumps if required. Our technology also drastically improves the application drying and distillation process efficiency, creating significant cost savings for client operations.

Stanpumps ADVV solutions provide a wide range of operational benefits making them an ideal solution for all drying, distillation and solvent recovery applications in both continuous and batch production as found in small laboratories or research and development plants to large production plans.